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Fresh Ideas for Wilton Manors: Christopher Warnig
By: Gus Kein

Wilton Manors, Florida. Several news organizations pointed out that Wilton Manors has more same sex households than San Francisco, California. It would not be unfair to call it the gay capital of South Florida. But alas, I live just across the river from Oz, in equally gay Fort Lauderdale. The post office thinks I live in Wilton Manors because I get every piece of election mail there is. As a person who spends a lot of time patronizing businesses and entertainment establishments in Wilton Manors, I feel that this little berg is part of my life too, even though I am not a legal resident or voter.

So at the risk of inserting my foot into my mouth once again, I’m commenting on the upcoming Wilton Manors City Commission election. I’ve looked at the list of candidates and they are all good and fine choices for election. It’s a hard choice to make when everyone you know is running for Wilton Manors City Commission. Justin Flippen is a friend and I hope that some of you vote for him. He brings a lot of positive experience to the table. But one candidate sticks out from the crowd – that is Christopher Warnig.

I first became acquainted with Chris on Facebook and then through some conversations we where we exchanged ideas on various issues. He is a student majoring in public policy at Broward College and also a student pilot (Hell, I don’t even ride on planes anymore). Chris has served his country as a member of the National Guard and is a certified paramedic & firefighter. All this before the age of 30!

It’s where Chris stands on some important issues that think warrant special consideration. As most of us know, there is not enough damn parking in Wilton Manors. So people fight for spaces and business growth suffers. You cannot have a healthy business district without more than adequate parking. Chris supports the idea of a municipal parking garage. Gosh, what an idea! Wilton Manors does not have the density of South Beach and depends on visitors for the survival of its businesses. More parking means more people, more people more business, more business, means more prosperity, simple as that.

But there is a dark side to Wilton Manors that many of the other candidates are brushing under the table. The unspoken secret is the number of serious gay hate crimes occurring in the city. There have been at least four murders and untold number of robberies and assaults in and around Wilton Drive and N.E. Fort Lauderdale. Just two weeks ago a young man was stoned and followed home by some thugs in a gold Honda Accord at 1:30 am on busy Wilton Drive! Chris supports addressing gay hate crimes a top priority as a member of the city commission. He also supports the right of the GLBT community to be trained and educated in self defense. He is a gun owner and a supporter of the GLBT community’s right to defend itself against rabid skinheads and anti-gay bigots – be it with pepper spray, a taser, or a gun.

While the city commission election is officially non-partisan, Chris is the only real independent (No Party Affiliation – NPA) running for office. As a registered independent myself, I think it’s way past time to have someone other than Democrats or Republicans representing us in elected office. Because of his independent status, he can work well with people of both parties and get things done.

Warnig has thought a lot about the issues facing residents and patrons of the fine city of Wilton Manors. You can find more about him He is a young, independent, fresh face for Wilton Manors who is ready to address some tough issues. As the Dos Equis beer guy says: I don’t always vote in Wilton Manors City Commission elections, but when I do, it would be for Christopher Warnig!



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